Sodexo übernimmt führenden Pflegedienst in UK

Der in 80 Ländern tätige Konzern Sodexo expandiert im Marktsegment Häusliche Pflege: In Großbritannien wurde der führende Pflegedienst Prestige Nursing + Care übernommen. Laut Sarosh Mistry, CEO von Sodexo Global Home Care, ist der Konzern offen für weitere Akquisitionen in diesem stark wachsenden Marktsegment.

- Sodexo announces the acquisition of Prestige Nursing + Care, a leading UK home care provider.

Sodexo bietet den Kunden in 80 Ländern Dienstleistungen, die von Empfangsdiensten über Catering und Reinigung bis hin zur technischen Wartung von Anlagen und Geräten reichen. Der Konzern erwirtschaftet einen Umsatz von über 20 Mrd. Euro, rund 25% werden im Segment Healthcare/Seniors gemacht.

Im Segment "Homecare/Häusliche Pflege" baut der französische Konzern das Geschäft nun aus: In Großbritannien wurde das Unternehmen  Prestige Nursing + Care übernommen, bezeichnet als führender Pflegedienstanbieter in UK.

Hier die Mitteilung von Sodexo:

Through its 44 branch network, Prestige Nursing + Care delivers high-quality, personalized home care to seniors across the UK focusing on a private-pay model. The acquisition provides Prestige Nursing + Care access to the experience and best practices of in-home care agencies from around the world.  With demand for social care services rising in the UK, Sodexo will capitalize on this growing market, bringing innovation and development potential to Prestige Nursing + Care.

The acquisition of Prestige Nursing + Care will significantly expand Sodexo’s position in the UK private home care market, and builds on the company’s decades-long global track record in this sector through Comfort Keepers, a Sodexo brand. Comfort Keepers is a leading network of in-home care providers for seniors and other dependent adults with more than 700 offices world-wide.

Sarosh Mistry, Chief Executive Officer, Sodexo Global Home Care, said: "Our mission is to help seniors age in their homes as independently and comfortably as possible. Being at home not only improves the quality of life of our senior clients, but their family members as well.  Prestige Nursing + Care combines a long history of home care provision with a progressive and forward-thinking approach. We are very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Prestige Nursing + Care senior leadership and the way they have embraced the private-pay model. We look forward to working together to grow this business.”

Following the acquisition, the current management team of Prestige Nursing + Care, led by Managing Director Jonathan Bruce, will continue to manage the business. He said: "This agreement is a major milestone in our efforts to expand the support we provide to help our clients live independently in comfort and security at home. There are a strong set of shared values between Prestige Nursing + Care and Sodexo, and we are excited by the prospect of strengthening our in-home care services to support our continued growth and innovation.”